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Archive February 2019

Problems Paying Back a Payday Loan

You have gone to a direct short term loan lender and taken out a loan, great, but what happens if you have problems paying back the loan? One of the most concerning factors when dealing with a payday loan is what happens when you can’t afford to repay it. It’s deeply concerning and it’s something which happens more often than you think too. However, what should you do when you feel as though you’re falling behind on a payday loan?

You can’t afford to repay when you’re supposed to

You borrow the money and have every intention of repaying that sum of money back but something goes wrong and you now realize you’re going to struggle to afford this month’s repayment. It’s a real nightmare and often it’s difficult to budget for payday loans as you think the costs will be a lot smaller. However, you have interest and loans fees on top of the original amount so technically you need a little extra put aside. A lot of people struggle with payday loans and indeed many other short term loans and repaying them back. Not being able to afford the repayment is a real nightmare but you can’t just sit back, you need to take action.

Talk To a Debt Advisor Quickly

It doesn’t matter which type of loan you have or the lender you borrowed from, you need to talk to someone when there are problems paying the money back. It could be you’ve lost your job, miscalculated the payment or just simply that your money isn’t able to stretch far enough; whatever the problem paying back the payday loan you have to try and find a way to get out the mess you’re in and not dig yourself deeper into debt. First things first, talk to a debt advisor and they will hopefully be able to tell you get in control of your finances. There are lots of free advisors and it doesn’t hurt to tell them a little more about the direct short term loan lender you dealt with or the loans you have. Click here.

Talk Directly To the Lender

You might not like the idea but you need to talk to the person you borrowed money from and explain the situation. They aren’t going to like the fact you’re struggling to repay the loan but many lenders try to work with you rather …